About Me

I begin my journey into the technology field over 20 years building clone computers. My first job, I was given a computer and told to assembly it, without any assistance. It was my first time building a computer and it took a long time to  (and with some assistance from someone who was experienced in building computers) get it assembled correctly and boot correctly.

That experience taught me how to troubleshoot issues and problems without assistance. A very valuable skillset I still leverage today.

Fast Forward 20 years and I have started two companies and currently work as a IT director managing Security, Network and Applications.

Someone told once told me I will need to pick a focus in IT, my career is always evolving and I still have not selected a single focus. (Someday I might, but I enjoy the variety of the multi-discipline approach I have chosen thus far).

I also hope to share some of that journey with this blog.