Congratulations Core Vision IT Solutions for being in Business 20 years

It was 20 years ago January 2002 that I started a business called JSO Technology LLC. At the time, I was working for IKON Office Solutions and they decided to exit the IT services business (That is a story for another day). When they decided to exit the business, they were going to stop servicing the current clients. At that time I had two choices, work for another reseller or start a business. At that time, both choices faced challenges. I was 25 with a 2 year old and a 6 month old and I just bought a house, needless to say it was not a great time to be without a job. I did interview with other resellers, but they seemed to only be interested in my client list and I am sure a short time later, I would have been without a job..

I did have a three month severance package so I decided to start my own business. That was one of the best decisions of my life.

In 2005, a friend joined the business as a partner named Brian Lillo. We grew the business to about 10 employees, in 2011 I sold the business to Brian.

I learned a lot of skills and valuable lessons starting and running that business and I met a lot of very cool clients, vendor partners and employee's some of who I still consider friends.

Brian took the business to the next level and sold it to one of his business partners Jeff Altom. Jeff is a great guy and has done a great job of running the business and continuing the legacy.

Staying in business for 20 years is rare, less than 25% of businesses make it more than 15 years, that is a 75% failure rate.  Brian and Jeff should both be proud that they built what I started, made it better and made it last. I have nothing but respect for both of them.

Congratulations Jeff for a job well done and I hope the business survives another 20 years.

TBJ Consulting

TBJ Consulting